it was fun while it lasted but all things come to an end. now i'm seriously addicted to NTS and have been for quite some time ;)

there are some mixes here and remember the stickers? maybe i'll get round to re-listing all the old stuff too

NTS fucking rocks and deserves your support. here are some of my favourites:

Full House | NTS
Channeling w/ Ivan Smagghe & Nathan Gregory Wilkins | NTS
Jazzman | NTS
Throwing Shade | NTS
All Styles All Smiles | NTS
A Strange Attractor w/ Fortuna Records | NTS
Carolina Soul | NTS
Launette's Hour w/ Laura Coxeter | NTS
Music To Ease Your Disease | NTS
Nonsense | NTS
Patrick Forge | NTS
Phil's Jazz Dis-Junction | NTS
Raji Rags | NTS
Suncut | NTS
The Numero Group | NTS
We Are... w/ Paul Camo | NTS
Mr Beatnick | NTS
One Vice Left | NTS
Home Listening | NTS
The Extended Play Sessions w/ Mr Pedro | NTS
The Pentagon Faceslap | NTS
Raga Vibrations | NTS
God's Waiting Room w/ David Holmes | NTS
Bradley Zero presents: Rhythm Section | NTS
City Rhythms W/ MACK | NTS
Young Turks | NTS
Chris P Cuts | NTS
Knee Deep | NTS
Touching Bass | NTS
Tuesday Trips w/ Nahhg | NTS

so long and thanks for all the fish...